Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thrifting's BFF The Garage Sale

 I know thrifting is all the rage these days and I don't get me wrong I love it! I love how environmentally friendly it is, inexpensive and its a great way to try out different trends. Everything comes back in style! Something I love even more than thrifting believe it or not are garage sales! Do you have garage sales where you live? I'm from Minnesota, now living in Wisconsin, and they are huge here! There are 3 big ones that I try not to miss every year. Even my son loves going because he can always find trucks and other fun toys. I love it because they don't cost much and we are giving old things a new life. My obsession last Summer were bowls. If I saw a cool bowl I was buying it. I love them for decor and for practicality. I use many to hold my fruit and veggies. If I end up falling out of love with them I just go ahead and donate them and then the cycle continues. I have found so any amazing treasures at garage sales. Last year I was on the hunt for an electric cheese grater and wouldn't you know I found one that wasn't even used! I feel like you need to set your intentions before thrifting or garage saleing because you can easily get swept up in all the things! I like making a list if things that I might actually need, kitchen appliances, clothes for my son (look for clothes you're kid will need for the upcoming year or two) or even Christmas or birthday gifts. You also want to keep an eye on prices. Just because it is at a garage sale or thrift store doesn't mean you're getting a good deal. Know your prices and what you are willing to spend on items. If it's something you have been searching for a long time then maybe you're willing to pay a little more. Bargaining is another thing that most people like to do at a garage sale. Personally, I never feel comfortable doing this but if you do you go right ahead! Who else is so excited for garage sales and well just Summer in general? I can not wait! I'll share more about what I am on the look out for this year in another post when we get closer to Summer. Below are a few of my favorite finds last year. Happy shopping! 

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