Tuesday, February 8, 2022

My Favorite App To Get Free Stuff

 Who doesn't love free stuff? If you have any kind of presence on social media and don't mind posting about products then you need the Influenster app! Influenster sends you products (for free) in return for honest reviews. The more social media presence you have the higher your "impact store" is. The impact score is a reflection of the amount of followers and friends you have connected to your accounts. You can choose which social media accounts you want to connect and you do not have to be an influencer with thousands of followers to be chosen. You can even choose to not have to review on your accounts. To get started you download the Influenster app, connect your social media accounts, and fill out your profile. There are also little questionnaires called "snaps" that you fill out. It's basically their way of getting to know you and what your interests are and the products you already use. To help your chances of getting products you can also write reviews on products and things that you already use. This can be makeup, skincare, vitamins, food, you name it! You can also like other peoples reviews and interact with them on the app. I think this all helps your chances of getting what they call Voxboxes. There are also virtual voxboxes which usually means they give you money back for buying a product and writing a review. I usually choose not to do those. So, what kinds of things have I gotten for free from Influenster? Makeup, foundation, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, eye brow pencil, eyeshadow, setting spray, setting powder and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Other things I've received are eye creams, moisturizer, serums, vitamins, hair tools, lawn fertilizer and bug repellent, diapers for my son, pacifiers, muffin mix, chicken stock, medicine, products for breastfeeding, self tanner, shaving cream and razor, dishwasher detergent, and more! Can you even believe that?! And we aren't talking about no name products and sample sizes. Yes, some things are sample size but they will tell you that before receiving it. This is name brand stuff like Maybelline, Revlon, Smashbox, ELF, Tatcha, Pampers etc. Once you sign up and make your profile and do your snaps you can be eligible for receiving products. They will send you an email saying something like "Are you a good fit for our next campaign?" and you'll take the survey and go from there. Check frequently for emails and keep a presence on the app and hopefully you'll be picked! Reviews are usually put on Influenster, Instagram, Facebook and usually the company website. Again, you can choose if you want to link those accounts and do reviews. They want honest reviews too! Don't just tell them what you think they want to hear. This was a long winded way to say that I absolutely love this app and the things I have received from them! Have you tried Influenster before? If so what have you got to review? 

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Hard Boiled Eggs In The Air Fryer

 Hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite snacks. You can use them in so many different ways and in so many different recipes. Making hard boiled eggs isn't hard but can be a pain in the butt. I have a few different ways I make them but lately my go to way is the air fryer. I love our air fryer! We have a Gourmia air fryer that I got at a rummage sale. We probably use it once a week or so for different things. Also great for heating up leftovers like pizza! Back to the eggs. I have never done more than probably 6 at a time but if you have a bigger capacity air fryer I'm sure it would be fine. Set it to 250 degrees and you can cook them anywhere from 15-19 minutes. This will depend on your air fryer too I suppose. If you like more of a soft boiled egg stick closer to the 15 minutes. I prefer mine DONE DONE so I do 18 or 19 minutes. After they are done cooking put them in a bowl of ice water or very cold water. I usually let them sit for about 5-10 minutes and then peel them. These are the easiest peeling eggs I've ever made! I just hit them gently on the counter and then peel the shell. They come out perfect every time and you have minimal clean up. Give this a try and let me know how it goes!