Monday, July 31, 2023

My favorite Bookish Content Creators

 I really got back into reading last year after doing a challenge with the The Trevor Project and then I found BookTok, BookTube and Bookstagram. I recently deleted TikTok so I won’t be recommending anyone specifically from there but I have quite a few to get through. I will say their channel or page name and a little about their content. This is in no particular order.

BooksandLaLa- Youtube- Kayla is one of my favorites to watch. I love her as a human and I really really love how she edits her videos and the ideas she has for her videos. It keeps things interesting and a 40 minute video can just fly by. She reads a lot of different genres which is fun and I have got some great recommendations from her.

Megwithbooks- Youtube- Megan’s videos are so fun! She has the funniest edits and does a lot of fun content. I don’t always agree with her but that’s the beauty of the book community. She really enjoys mystery/detective books.

Hailey Hughes-Youtube- Hailey is so good! She is my horror queen! She reads a lot of horror and thriller/suspense and I have gotten some amazing recommendations from her. She is also a therapist which I think is so cool. Her videos are pure fun and it just feels like a safe space.

Gabbyreads-YouTube- Gabby is another super cute and fun booktuber. One of my favorites to watch not only for her recommendations but she’s also a Swiftie and has fun vlogs about her life. She reads a lot of horror, mystery/thriller, suspense and some romance and general fiction. You can really tell all of the effort that she puts into her videos and they are a lot of fun to watch.

A Clockwork Reader-YouTube- Hannah is a really sweet Youtuber. She reads a lot of fantasy, general fiction, and romance. Not really my thing but I still enjoy watching her because she has such a calming presence and I like hearing her thoughts.

Ashley’s Little Library-YouTube- Ashley is someone I’ve found more recently. She reads a lot of horror and thriller books. She also reads a lot of ARCs which I like since I’ve been reading more of them myself. She does a great job explaining all of her thoughts and she’s concise and to the point. 

Reading Wryly-YouTube- Elizabeth is another person I’ve found recently. She is someone who I could see being bffs with. I love her content and I find myself agreeing with her often. She reads a lot of horror/psychological thriller and general fiction/nonfiction. I have gotten incredible recommendations from her. She is a bit of a smaller channel so please go check her out!

Books With Emily Fox-YouTube- Emily is an interesting one lol. First of all she is beautiful and her winged liner is always on point. Her reading is kind of all over the place. Fantasy. Sci-fi, nonfiction, mystery/thriller. A little bit of everything. We dont’t always agree but I have got some great recs from her and I enjoy her commentary a lot.

Throne of Pages-YouTube- Isabella is just the cutest! Her videos are edited so well and always have cute little anime animations and sweet music. She reads a lot of classics, general fiction, fantasy etc. She is the reason I am reading War and Peace even though she only gave it 3 stars lol. Another channel that feels like a safe space. 

emmie-YouTube- If you are a very literary person who enjoys really digging deep into books and enjoy classics, literary fiction, anime, manga, and romance then you will enjoy her content. She is also finishing her degree so she has some content surrounding that. She is very calming and quiet and sweet. Another safe space. 

Baker_Reads- Instagram- I’m pretty sure Brandon is the reason I started reading extreme horror. He has hands down some of the best horror recommendations out there! He does really great reels about specific horror tropes and they are always spot on.

Spooky Curious- Instagram- I unfortunately do not know her name but I just recently found her while scrolling on Instagram. Absolutely phenomenal horror recs! A lot of horror that I haven’t heard of and those are the kind of books I’m looking for. I want books that aren’t necessarily the most well known or popular. Again, she makes really great specific recommendations like “books that give A24 vibes” “books so disturbing but you cant stop reading.’ YES! That is what I want. 

Ok those are my most watched probably. Some folks that re worth mentioning are Haley Pham, Destiny Sidwell, Sara Carrolli, Jack Edwards, Carolyn Marie Reads, How To Train Your Gavin, CriminOlly, Jess Owens, Ellias, Riley Marie, Jesse The Reader. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone but let me know who are your favorites to follow on social media and what genres you are into. I should’ve said I enjoy reading horror, sci-fi , thriller/suspense, mystery, classics, general fiction and some romance but I dont really vibe with spicy romance. I would love any recommendations :) 

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Ummm hello?

 Long time no talk…. again. I don’t mean to totally neglect this space but it happens. I really want to try to post here at least once a month so hold me accountable! I thought I would share about my reading so far this year. So far I have read 52 books which I am so happy about. My goal is 80 for the year, although I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to hit 100. I am currently reading War and Peace and that has taken a lot of my focus. My goal is to finish it by the end of the year. I also discovered NetGalley this year and have been reading a ton of eARCS (advanced reader copies) If you havent signed up for that yet and you’re a big reader you definitely should. My favorite book of the year was actually an ARC and I will talk about that in another post. I did start a book club this year over on the Fable app. It’s called The TBR & DNF Book Club. I have a few members but none that are really active but that’s ok because I still want to give it 100% and follow through and it’s helping me go through my never ending TBR pile. Books and reading have become such a passion of mine and I’m so glad I have fell back in love with reading. I owe a lot of that to BookTube and Bookstagram. I think I will do a separate post on my favorite bookish content creators. Also, I have been loving the app Lemon8 and have been posting a ton of bookish content over there along with some what I eat and thrifting content. My name is LifeInCrumbs over there. Ok that is a brief catch up on my reading endeavors.I do plan on talking about my weight loss and my “health safari” as I call it (I hate the word journey) so stay tuned!  Do you have a favorite book this year so far? I would love to hear down below.