Monday, January 24, 2022

Our Dog Peanut


This is our sweet "puppy" Peanut. I say puppy but he is actually 6 years old. His name describes him perfectly! He is a 5 pound little Peanut. The way he ended up in our lives is pretty crazy! Before that though I need to talk about our sweet dog Yoshi who passed away November 2020. I had him for almost 15 years. He had a rough start in life that unfortunately stayed with him forever. He hated most men and little boys (he was abused by a man and his son) and was terrified of everything. We had a lot of issues with Yoshi but he was my bff and I loved him so much. I miss him everyday. Maybe I'll talk about his death another day as that story is while heartbreaking and awful, really strange and almost like he planned it. That sounds awful I know but it was all just too coincidental. Anyway, back to our Peanut. About 7 months after Yoshi died we were kind of throwing around the idea of another pet. Our son loved Yoshi and loves animals in general. I really didn't want to adopt and end up with another dog with severe issues. Don't get me wrong, adopting is wonderful and if you can you should but it can come with challenges. Challenges I wasn't sure I could deal with again. Even though I was hesitant I started stalking the animal shelters in my area. Our shelter was getting in so many sweet dogs. As fast as they got them in they were adopted. You had to be quick! One day I was on there looking and I saw the cutest dog named Peanut. I instantly fell in love and felt like he would be a perfect fit for our home. So many small dogs from shelters come with warnings about being around small children and Peanut had no issues with that! He was perfect. As soon as I fell in love he was adopted. It happened so fast. I could not stop thinking about him and would check the shelters Facebook page multiple times a day hoping for some reason he would become available again. It had been a day or two after he was adopted and my son and I were in the living room playing. I said to him "I am going to look at that Facebook page one more time to see if that dog is up for adoption and if he is we are getting him!" I kid you not I went to their page and after a minute or two of scrolling I saw Peanut's sweet little face pop up again! The family who adopted him were not able to make the trip to pick him up and he was up for adoption again! Talk about meant to be! I immediately went to their website and filled out the form and before they even opened called them and told them we wanted Peanut. Lucky enough I was the first one to call. I still had to call my husband and ask him if we could adopt this sweet boy. Poor guy was totally caught off guard when I called and said "that dog is up for adoption again and I just feel like he's meant to be ours" Luckily he was pretty on board with the idea and called the shelter to pay for the adoption. The next day we picked him up and I swear it was like he had lived with us his whole life. He fit right in. He loves snuggles and crawling under the blankets in bed to sleep next to you. His favorite thing is his ice cream toy that if he had it his way would be thrown for him 24 hours a day. He is so wonderful and has made me realize that sometimes you need to ignore your fears and reservations and just go for it. I hope everyone will consider adopting when looking for a pet. There are so many amazing animals out there to complete your family.

Our sweet Yoshi. We love you sweet JuJu 💓

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