Tuesday, January 25, 2022

My Favorite FREE App For Borrowing Books

 If you are a book lover I'm sure you are probably familiar with the Libby app. It is the easiest way to get access to free books and audiobooks. You do need a library card in order to " check out" books but that's the only requirement. You can even add multiple libraries to Libby and multiple cards for each library. Essentially you put in your card info and it links it to your library and from there you can borrow your ebooks, digital audiobooks and magazines. Now I do also enjoy going to the library with my son to check out books for him but lately I have been preferring to read ebooks. We also live 30 minutes from our library so it isn't super convenient to get to all the time. The Libby app is very user friendly and easy to use. You can search specific books or authors and see if your library has them and if they do not you can request a copy to your library. If you find a book you like you can choose to "borrow" or if it is unavailable you can choose to put it on "hold" and it will tell you approximately how long it will be before you get to borrow it. You can also "tag" books. I do this for books that sound interesting but I'm not ready to read quite yet or when I have maybe hit my limit of holds. I tag them as "want to read." You can also borrow the audio book version if it's available and it should come up right along with the ebook when you're searching. You can read the book right on the app once checked out but I prefer to read it through my Kindle app on my phone or you can get it on your Kindle device. This app has ignited my love for books (along with the Goodreads app) and made me want to read more. I get so excited checking it to see what book is going to be available next! Once a book is checked out you can hold it for up to 21 days which is also another thing I love because some books just take a little longer to get through and people have busy lives. This is such a great resource for people and a great way to read more books. My goal this year is 25 books. So far I have read one and a half 😂 A slow start but I'll get there! I do encourage you to visit your local library still if you're able to and utilize the many resources and programs they offer there. Libraries are so important for communities! Let's all read more books in 2022!

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