Thursday, September 15, 2022

Books Books and More Books!

 Happy September! No I am not excited for Fall but I don’t have a say in it so here we are. Fall means colder weather, shorter days and no more garden and flowers. Why would I like any of that? Anyway, my obsession with books has gotten even worse. Or better, however you want to look at it. Discovering BookTube, Bookstagram and BookTok has been so fun! Although I mostly just look to BookTube. I have been getting recommendations left and right! Some recommendations have taken me out of my comfort zone which I appreciate. I read another middle grade/YA book at the end of August called Parts and Labor:The Adventures of Max Dugan. This book was incredibly sweet. It’s about Max who’s dad has died in the war in Afghanistan and how he’s dealing with that along with being bullied and oh yeah an alien moves in next door. Max befriends this alien, Norbert, who I absolutely loved! I would’ve wanted to be his friend too. The problem is Norbert and his father are there to decide whether or not they are going to take over Earth and enslave earthlings. Of course it sounds a bit silly and childish but it was a great feel good read. It would be a great book to read with your middle grade kid. 

I have read 6 books in September so far and I am planning on doing some reviews for a few of them. I’ve read some great ones and some not so great one. I am currently reading a classic so I’ll let you know if I enjoy that as well. Basically reading has become my life and I am loving it. Oh! I also started a book journal which I will also do a a post about. It has been really fun coming up with different themes for each month and being a little creative. I’m also hoping it helps me remember what I’m reading. Something I definitely need to work on. Stay tuned for more book reviews and also more garden content! 

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